Well, it’s about time…

Hulu: Pitfall Of Serving Too Many Of The Same Commercials Repeatedly

Couldn’t have put this better myself, “It might be an understatement that frequency capping doesn’t work as well as it should — especially across the video and connected television (CTV) industries.

If, while watching Hulu, I had to see (hear, uggh!) this commercial one more time I might have burned all my Foo Fighters CDs!

“Some 73% of Hulu users said they see the same commercial repeatedly. Only 13% said they saw a variety of commercials, while 14% say they do not notice them and can’t say if they saw the same ad or not.” And the article lists similar stats with other providers, too.

But wait…what happened…just a little while ago (okay, maybe more like 6 months ago), I posted this “There are just so many good things about this article, ‘Google Unveils Frequency Caps For CTV Ads, Covers 92% Of Ad-Supported Universe.’”

But..I guess Google is giving itself another shot at getting it right, “Google earlier this week released an update as well as improvements to how frequency caps work. In the announcement, Charles Cebuhar, senior director, digital activation at OMG Center of Excellence, said managing frequency for Programmatic Guaranteed deals with more exchanges is critical to help further reduce waste associated with ad overexposure.

For Google, once a campaign reaches its goal for certain users — whether via open auction, Programmatic Guaranteed, or a combination of the two — Display & Video 360 will stop serving up the ads to these users, but continue to prioritize and deliver the agreed number of impressions from the guaranteed deals.”

To me, that last sentence either has implications that Google is really going to have to nail user identification (cross-device) down or really hope that a lot of people don’t complain….


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