So, today’s topic – Roku’s Vision Of Personalization And The Future Of First-Party Data. Or more aptly, Roku’s Vision Of Personalization And The Future IS First-Party Data.

You should really read the whole article to see how Roku is getting it right and the implications that has for its ability to ‘future-proof’ (ugh) its advertising and marketing to be ready for the cookie-less world and ‘all-of-the-other-less’ world that new privacy regulations will bring us.

Also, bringing it back to media – used to be we’d think about performance advertising (highly targetable and highly trackable, not to mention highly effective) as search and social. But now we must considering streaming (as well as other ‘newly’ measurable channels).

Think about this – Of Roku’s 60 million accounts, ‘“About 39% of Roku streamers get product ideas from TV streaming, and 32% discover new brands,” Murphy says.’ What a great way to really blow the top off of the top of the funnel!!!


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