So today’s post may not necessarily fit nicely into the ‘media’ category. It sort of straddles the line of many of the week’s topics. But it is Monday – so here we are.

WOW! I think I’ve had it wrong. So wrong I am having trouble wrapping my brain around just how misguided my thinking has been. Anyone who knows me probably thinks that is sarcasm.

But it is not.

I have so blurred the line of ‘first party data’ and consent. This article, Consensual Targeting’ really made me open my eyes.

Opening with:

“Question: When was the last time GM asked you for permission to use your identity to target you with ads? When was the last time you consented to it?

Speaking for myself, the answer is never.”

You really do need to read the whole article. It opened my eyes to my misguided perception that a company’s first party data is solid. But that may not be the case.

Everyone has accidentally opted in to one thing or another. Everyday I get an ‘inspiring quote’ sent to my email – I have no idea how the hell that happened. Of course I do understand the 20 messages I get a day from the fine folks at Free People….

With all of the regulations that are popping up and now actually being enforced, it may be a good time to take a hard look at your ‘first party data’ and make sure that it is really that.

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