There are just so many good things about this article, ‘Google Unveils Frequency Caps For CTV Ads, Covers 92% Of Ad-Supported Universe.’

Where to begin, hmmm- I like the fact it acknowledges the fact that ads are SO over-served on connected TV (CTV), well I guess just generally over-served. But the problem with ads on CTV is that although there may be less minutes of ads during a 30 minute show compared to linear TV, it seems the number of advertisers, or even advertisers’ different ads is way less. Therefore you tend to see the same commercial over and over and over.

So frequency capping (limiting the number of times an ad is shown) is a wonderful thing. And the fact that Google’s reach is what it is (e.g. YouTube, Hulu) enables it to reach 92% of the ‘ad supported universe’, is just amazing.

Don’t get me wrong. I actually like ads. Just not when I see the same DUPIXENT commercials 10 times in a half an hour.

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