I just love a good Retail Media story. It seems Dollar General is now getting into the game…’Dollar General Expanding Ad Network, Eyes Self-Service Option‘.

I have been so interested in Retail Media since my 2021 resolutions (even if I mistakenly called it Ecommerce Ads – and who knows what I was referring to in Resolution 5…).

So many interesting things in this article. A little something everyone probably knows…’DG (Dollar General) is one in a handful of retailers such as Walmart, Target, Kroger, Albertsons, and Best Buy, that are building out networks to support advertising and protect consumer privacy.’

But check out the reach…’

DG has more than 4 million monthly app users, in addition to those who visit the website. While Charles declined to cite the number of website users, mounds of customer data traverse through its network of more than 18,000 stores in 47 states. It delivers more than two billion transactions annually. On average, the company opens three stores daily.

“We have the largest retailer footprint,” Charles said.’

What I love most about this is that is shows how companies that you would never peg as media companies but have the eyeballs that it takes are finding ways to make it work – ‘Building the network required DG to work with LiveRamp to configure and maintain audience segments, and sales attribution through its clean room technology. The Trade Desk, an independent demand side platform (DSP) steps in after creating audiences to buy and serve media across the entire internet. Google Ad Manager (GAM) steps in to support onsite advertising management’.

Very, very good stuff. Oh, and yes. Happy Independence Day! And on a personal note we are declaring our independence from Columbus and heading back to Atlanta in a few months!


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