And by money, I mean currency. Don’t worry, I am not talking Cryptocurrency. I am talking media currency, as I have over and over again. (Yes, I know. I’ve said it before…and before).

But I think I am finally understanding it! Since currency is…

“In TV advertising, the term “currency” refers to the agreed-upon unit of value based on which media buyers and sellers transact. Historically, media buyers purchased ad spots tied to programs, and Nielsen told buyers how many viewers their ads had reached, creating a record of value.”

If you read that entire article, you will see there have been changes that make the ‘old school’ currency (Nielsen data) incorrect and therefore not useful.

Now currency relies on measurement, accurate, relevant measurement. The problem with this is that the ways to measure and the ‘things’ to measure have become so fragmented

There is probably (maybe) a need for some standardization….

But in the meantime, there is an opportunity to strive towards precision, to make all parties involved ‘winners’…

“The proliferation of currencies and data sources does present challenges for TV advertisers and publishers, but more importantly, it also marks a time of unequaled opportunity for gains in precision. By understanding the many ways measurement exceeds currency and expanding their capabilities in the former, both advertisers and publishers will maximize the value of converged TV, creating an ecosystem where all sides of the trade win. ■”


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