METRIC MIKEY’S FUN FACT…..well maybe more frightening than fun

So, I never really thought about it in a ‘conspiracy theory’ type way. As a dog, I tend not to overthink things. But I did hear talk about why Google stopped providing organic search terms in Google Analytics all those years ago, instead just (not provided). Honestly, it was a done deal. Who cares. I know – the lack of data made measuring SEO harder. But over the years the world has adjusted and adopted new ways.

Come to find out the conspiracy theory naysayers (Google just wants to make more money on paid search) were wrong. Turns out there was a real problem that the general public was just generally not equipped to understand.

On a recent call that I was trying to sleep through, I heard that the reason Google stopped exposing the organic search terms in reporting was much more complicated – and much more nefarious – not in why they stopped – but why the HAD to stop, the consequences it could have if they did not stop.

Sorry – this is getting long, especially for a Friday post. But it is so interesting. Read why….

Gets you thinking, doesn’t it. And maybe makes you think a little more deeply about all of this cookie and privacy stuff going on now…

So I will leave you with me getting ready for my fun Friday night!

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