So, I may not know the actual organizational structure of the government as well as I probably should – but I think this is still relevant for FTC Friday (and quite a big deal – as the shit may be really getting close to getting real…maybe).

Bill That Would Outlaw Behavioral Advertising Advances To House Floor
“Lawmakers in the House Energy and Commerce Committee on Wednesday voted 53-2 to advance a sweeping bipartisan privacy bill that would outlaw a common form of online behavioral ad targeting.

The version of the American Data Privacy and Protection Act approved Wednesday would prohibit companies from collecting or processing data about web users’ online activity across sites and over time for ad purposes. That ban would effectively prevent companies from serving ads to web users based on their browsing activity.”

And what did advertisers have to say about that…
Ad Groups Urge Overhaul Of Proposed Privacy Bill
“Advertising organizations are urging lawmakers to significantly revise a proposed privacy bill that could require ad-tech companies to obtain consumers’ affirmative consent before drawing on much of the data that fuels targeted ads.

In a letter sent Monday to leaders of the House Energy and Commerce committee, the ad groups say the bipartisan “American Data Privacy and Protection Act” should allow companies to take an opt-out approach to targeted advertising.”


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