Important note: I photoshopped that picture of Mikey (who you may not recognize as he was a bit smaller then – I would never make him wear that hat).

Trying to get better about doing the whole Monday through Friday thing – so bringing back the fun fact – which may or may not have to do with analytics. But who am I kidding – it at least has to do with numbers.

Today’s fact – area codes! I learned this fact on a podcast I needed to relisten to (yes, that is just how exciting my life is!).

You can listen if you want all of the details. But the gist is area codes were created based on population density to make it easiest for the higher population cities to get in contact on their rotary phones.

So NYC got 212, Chicago got 312 and LA got 213. If you were in a smaller city, you got ‘punished’ by having to dial 9’s and 8’s that took way longer to actually dial.

Fun fact. Have a fun weekend.

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