Comin’ around again….

As I mentioned last week, it’s the location AND the other personal data capture that is going to be what does tracking in…

Location, location, location. It’s too easy for companies not to capture (and well, some, yeah, exploit) this data.

And there is that scary word, ‘wiretap’ again….

“…alleged that she browsed the Harriet Carter site, which included code from NaviStone that allegedly “acted as a secret wiretap” that sends people’s IP addresses and other personal information to the company.

Popa contended that the companies violate Pennsylvania’s wiretap law, which generally prohibits the interception of electronic communications without the consent of both parties.”

And something new, but by no means shocking..”FTC Sues Apartment Finding Service Roomster Over Fake Reviews.” Wait! Are you saying companies may get In actual trouble for this now…..


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