So this is where it all comes together….and then all falls apart. Okay – so these stories aren’t specific to the FTC, but they are all about legal battles around privacy….Or, as I call it, the ‘slippery slope.’

Here is where it comes together – Location Data.

Judging from all we’ve been seeing, this is the real Achilles heel of data capture. It has been captured for so long by even the most rudimentary of analytics and other data collection tools (the good-ol’ IP address mapping back to a geographic location).

For some reason, courts, lawyers and all things legal seem to be embracing the ease in which this claim can be argued…

Technology be damned…we don’t know how/why/or when it is happening…but we know they are tracking my location!!!

Facebook Agrees To $37.5M Location Privacy Settlement

Here is where it starts to get a little murky

Sephora Fined Over Alleged Privacy Violations, Global Opt-Out Failure

I sincerely believe that some…many companies have no actual idea WHAT they are tracking with some of the java script ‘trackers’ they have ‘installed’ (and then left for ages) on their sites. So, maybe Sephora does know, or maybe they don’t. But this is where data collection is a bit like the Wild West -and why Google has been ‘tightening its belt’ to firm up what companies ‘can’ track.

Can, of course, being the dicey word. Theoretically these third party trackers CAN capture any data (legitimately or sketchily). It is up to, I guess, the business owner who allows for these trackers to fully understand what ALL is being tracked by each individual tracking snipped. Good luck with that!

Install a plug-in like WASP to see just how many of these trackers sites have. Mind-boggling!

And in the ‘wait, whoops, we’re doing what—‘ category…

Google Battles Assistant Users Over Accidental Voice Recordings

Again, maybe Google meant to record these..or maybe it was an accident. Either way ‘wiretap’ is a pretty scary word..

And finally, in the ‘Who’s on First-‘ category…

Ad Groups Say Proposed California Privacy Regulations Conflict With Law

Read the whole article, (I know, I know it’s long) and tell me if you are not left scratching your head. This, I believe, is where all of these regulations are going to eventually fall apart – the ‘he said/she said’ back and forth dance of interpretation.

OK – so that was a lot for now…especially for a Friday. Just something to think about. Happy Weekend!


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