Watch out TikTok…They’re coming for you!

So many things in the news about TikTok this week, and really, none of it good…

Wait, what- “Lawmakers on the Senate intelligence committee are urging the Federal Trade Commission to investigate ByteDance’s TikTok over reports that employees in China accessed data about U.S. users of the service.”

Not to mention, “The lawmakers note that TikTok is currently under a consent decree with the FTC for allegedly violating the children’s privacy law.”

And where are they storing their data..”

Last week, Federal Communications Commissioner Brendan Carr asked Google and Apple to remove TikTok from their app stores, and six Republican lawmakers pressed the Biden Administration to address data practices of the Chinese-owned social network TikTok.

TikTok recently said it is routing all U.S. traffic to Oracle servers, and plans to store all U.S. users’ data in this country.”

And, last but not least….in other news, well commentary, “A Mere 20% Of Americans Trust TikTok With Their Data“.

Eesh. Better luck next week, TikTok!


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