Yes. I know it is Sunday. But cut me some slack. It is a long, holiday weekend. BUT there is a lot going on….So here we are!

It may not look like much since I am only referencing two articles today – but they are doozies!

First – ‘Lawmakers Urge FTC To Probe Google, Apple Over Ad Identifiers.’ As I continue to say, week after week, the shit is really getting real. It seems that lawmakers are making quite an effort to understand what and how these media giants are tracking, and the implications they have on peoples’ privacy. This is even more of a big deal with the decision to overturn Row v. Wade and the ability these companies have to track peoples’ location. You should really read the whole article.

And, you can’t miss this one…not only because it explains, with stats, that although it was reported that many companies feel they are ready to comply with privacy regulations, many, many companies have not actually done the work that is necessary! But you will also want to download (and actually read:) the 2022 State of US Data Privacy Law Compliance Survey Report!

Happy reading! And Happy Fourth of July!


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