Let’s see what is happening this week…

Coming as a shock to no one, Twitter, especially with Elon Musk at the helm, does not care about anyone’s privacy.

This is very interesting to watch. If you remember, last week – Meta Defeats Video Privacy Claims Over Live Streaming. It is interesting not because of the decision that the act only applies to video tapes, not live streams, but because it gets into that slippery slope of what companies can do/are doing with personally identifiable data.

“The Video Privacy Protection Act — which Congress passed in 1988, after a Maryland newspaper published video-rental records of Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork — prohibits some video providers from disclosing personally identifiable information about consumers, without consent.”

So, this week, Apple Prevails In Privacy Battle Over Streaming Video. Two people are suing apple for retaining their video rental history, “The duo alleged that Apple violated state laws that require companies to keep people’s video viewing history confidential, and to destroy personally identifiable records connected to video viewing as soon as practical.”

Again, an interesting case, but with much larger potential implications for analytics. might people start thinking about/caring how long companies retain data,…and who decides what ‘as soon as practical’ means….

And finally, FTC Seeks $160 Million Budget Increase. I hope they get it. I feel like they are going to need it.


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