Although there were a few more, two articles stuck out to me this week.

The first, Meta Defeats Video Privacy Claims Over Live Streaming, stuck out for a few reasons. The first was i had kind of forgotten about video rental before streaing. But more importantly, it is 2023, how did Justin NOT know that anything that you sign up for, especially if it is free, is in exchange for any data you provide. Nothing is truly free.

The second, FTC Eyes Social Platforms Over Scam Ads, made me laugh. Laugh at myself. For all the articles I read about scammy ads, i never ever considered that people actually fall for these scam ads. I know that is not nice. And I do my fair share of stupid things.

“News of the FTC’s potential investigation comes several weeks after it reported that social media scams cost consumers an estimated $1.2 billion last year.”

I wondered how the consumers lost money. It wasn’t until later in the article where it talked about people who had responded to these ads that the light bulb went off.

If something seems too good to be true, even in an ad, it probably is!


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