Just a few thing this week. Well, there were more, but i am still catching up on email.

So two posts that say virtually the same thing – just stated differently,

‘Google ‘Corrupted’ Ad-Tech Competition, Feds Claim In New Lawsuit’ and

‘DOJ Ready To Sue Google Over Digital Advertising: Report

But, having been in this digital advertising and analytics world for a LONG time – if the advertising works – and cn advertising is raising brand awareness, finding customers and prospects they otherwise wouldn’t and making a positive ROI – maybe not such a bad thing.

Now this is a little bad (semi-related), ‘Digital Content Next Weighs In Against Meta In Battle Over Inflated Metrics. Meta’s defense, this stuff is hard to measure…between privacy concerns and other technial limitations…just sayin’

And then this technically a crime….but i think it is…Over 90% Of Firms Plan Data Initiatives For ’23, Many Struggle To Realize Value From Data..Not the 90% thing – the percentage who struggle realize iits value.


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