So this week’s ‘FTC’ round-up starts with the ol’ ususal suspects, moves into a little deeper, maybe murkier area and ending with my new all-time favorite topic that is now in the thick of legal scrutiny (yep – you got it – third party data collection).

Google, iHeartMedia Sued By FTC And States Over Fake Endorsements. Not sure why this topic makes me so happy. It just does.

And, of course, a little location data…FTC Presses To Proceed With Privacy Complaint Against Kochav

Add a little, ‘are they tracking me…are they not…Who the hell can really say:)’TikTok Hit With Privacy Lawsuit Over Keystroke Logging

And a pinch of, ‘if you didn’t want us to have it, you should never have uploaded it,’ Tinder Hit With Privacy Lawsuit Over Verification Selfies

And a dash of, ‘Laws. We don’t need no stinkin’ laws…’ Meta Urges Washington To Adopt ‘Tech-Neutral’ Approach In Regulating Metaverse

But getting to my all time favorite. Christmas comes early for Friday FTC….Meta Sued Over Data Collection From Tax Preparation Sites. The dreaded ‘dot’ has reared its head. Let the legal battles being!


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