Lucky for me, in addition to all of the responsibilities Mr. Musk has taken on this week after acquiring Twitter, laying off employees, pissing off advertisers, banning users…., he also is pretty much writing these blogs for me.

FTC Has ‘Deep Concern’ About Twitter: ‘No CEO Is Above The Law’. I guess just file that under the, ‘Well, we don’t know what he is going to do. But we’re darn sure he’s about to do something…

And, saying relatively the same thing, only with a billion dollar punch, Twitter Senior Privacy, Cybersecurity Execs Depart, Could Be Fined Billions

OK. OK. OK. There may have been other non-Twitter happenings, too.

Yeah, let’s keep beating this dead horse…’GOP Senators Urge FTC To Scrap Privacy Rulemaking

So this has been kicking around for a while….’Analytics Company Violated LinkedIn’s Ban On Scraping, Judge Rules.

“In a decision made public late Friday, U.S. District Court Judge Edward Chen in the Northern District of California said hiQ violated LinkedIn’s terms of service by scraping its site, but also said LinkedIn may have waived its legal claim by waiting too long to take action.

“There is a genuine dispute of material fact as to whether LinkedIn knew about hiQ’s scraping and use of scraped data as early as October 2014,” Chen wrote. “If it did, a reasonable jury could find that LinkedIn relinquished its enforcement against hiQ’s scraping through its conduct — aside from generally deploying anti-scraping technology against all scrapers, it did not take steps to legally enforce against known scraping by hiQ for years.”

At first i thought, ‘Give LinkedIn a break. It probably took the tech guys that long to explain to the legal and business folks what scraping was…’ But maybe not. Maybe there was this back-and-forth…

‘OK, I get what scraping is. But we are a public site….’

‘Yes. But come on! They SHOULDN’T be doing that.

‘Oh what the hell. We’ll give it a shot!’

And finally, in the ‘maybe if we cast a wide and confusing enough net, we will catch..well, something…’House Lawmakers Question Google And Apple Over TikTok


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