You may have noticed there was no Friday FTC last week. I sort of came to a realization, no news is, well, no news. And this week there are two more glaring examples of this…

Every Friday for months, i have been mentioning ‘Surveillance Advertising’ and what was to come of the future of data collection. Guess, what. That train has not even left the station and has been, once again, delayed…

FTC Extends Deadline To Weigh In On Commercial Surveillance

and…..FTC Should Take ‘Firm Stance’ On Privacy, Senator Argues…to which i say, ‘Don’t hold your breath…’

So, instead of Friday FTC…let’s have some Friday fun. Look what i found at the store.

The likeness is pretty eerie. Yup, very creepy watching Mikey maul his own face.

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