Yes. I know a while ago I introduced ‘FTC Friday‘ where I would feature all of the legal goings-ons (yes, that is the technical term) in the world of analytics and ad-tech privacy.

As expected, the repurcussions have been broad and far-reaching. Those words sort of mean the same thing. But – let me explain.

Broad – Senate Advances Bill That Could Undermine Encryption, Hinder Online Speech My point here is that for quite a while, much of what happens on the internet is not actually or accurately understood by the people who influence the laws. I remember spending days back in July of 2020 listening to the great debate on the Hill about monopolization. Luckily the Washington Post was able to distill hours and hours of insane discussions (so much, so wrong) to a few minutes without things going off the rails until the end. My point is that it is super scary when the people who influence laws want to make laws about things they don’t understand. Thus the implications of the new bill that means well – we all know (I hope, I do watch a fair amount of Law & Order SVU) that child pornography should not be a thing. But the fact that it has some far reaching unintended potential consequences is just beyond scary.

Far-reaching – This just means, I am thinking the decision in Austria to deem the use of Google Analytics unlawful may just spread like wildfire. Enter France…second month, second ruling.


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