Yup, I know not only is it Thursday, but it is even after my Throwback Thursday post and now it is super late as I am writing this.

I had a good word for Wednesday’s word. And sorry, I got distracted. But I think it is such a good word that It deems a belated Wednesday word this Thursday late night. Not only because it is such a good word, but also because its impacts are already being seen.

So, the word is ‘veracity’. It’s one of those words that sounds familiar, maybe. But I had to look it up.

conformity to facts; accuracy.
“officials expressed doubts concerning the veracity of the story”

And now you are asking why did that word come up. I am not going to have an opinion on ‘fake news’ and all the controversy that surrounds that topic. I will however , acknowledge that brands don’t want to unwittingly buy ads or show up (as a result of programmatic buys) on these fake sites.

And as such, SSP Sets Misinformation ‘Floor’ For News Sites That Can Be Bought Programmatically.

Which is great news because we are in a bit of the Wild West of ad buying.

And – even better – this is all playing out in real time.

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