And today’s topic…reconciliation.

For context, not meaning ‘the restoration of friendly relationsth’, but more ‘the action of making one view or belief compatible with another.’

Or more precisely – comparing and understanding the difference between two systems – for example GA4 and your order management system. My advice after years, decades of people comparing a report from one source to another, finding the ‘delta’ and declaring one source right and one source wrong – then discounting the ‘wrong’ source -is, just STOP.

There are always fundamental differences in the way the data is captured and the metrics are calculated. So before you think you can run two reports from two different systems and will be comparing apples to apples, just don’t.

if you feel you must compare the numbers, do the research. Ask someone, google it or just really analyze how the data is derived before blindly searching for the ‘delta’.

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