Sorry for the false start last week. Just think of it as an extended teaser (or sure, you know the reality, lazy Mikey. Oh, throw me a bone [literally, please], just call it busy Mikey)!

Okay, Mikey. I can take it from here. The promise was to explain how dogs understanding intent can relate to GA4.

So to paraphrase, the study showed that we dogs can understand if you are trying to help us (give us a treat) but something stops you that is out of your control OR if you decide just to be a jerk a trick us out by making it seem like you are giving us a treat and then faking us out and just don’t.

I know, you are probably scratching your head and wondering how that could possibly be solved or even equated to GA4. Leave it to GA4. And more explicitly the Path Exploration report in the Explore section.

You can choose either an event or page (or screen) name. AND you can choose whether it is a starting point (where did they go from here) or an ending point (well, how did they get here).

So, want to see where you were a jerk and faked your potential customers out. Just use the event, ‘non-purchasers’ as an ending point. Now you can see just where these hopeful customers realized the fake and abandoned hope for a successful purchase.

Sure, they may not bite you. But they certainly won’t buy from you until you fix the problems you uncover.

Yup. Intent. Dog insight. GA4 Path Exploration. I did it.

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