Finally, A Funnel You Can (somewhat) Control

I’ve been watching a lot of webinars, interviews and attending some virtual conferences lately. I find that the ones chock-full of manufactured enthusiasm and hype, although may be informative are generally not interesting, and certainly not inspiring. But those conversations with people with calm enthusiasm, the ‘Ive got this. I love this’ attitude are interesting and inspiring.

A good example of this was Inc.’s ‘Your Next Move’ conversation with Harry’s co-founder, Jeffrey Raider. It was inspiring, so much so that it inspired me to rethink the ‘funnel.’ ‘Oh no!’ you say. ‘You spend way too much time thinking about the funnel.’ Probably true. But it made me think more holistically about it. Don’t worry. I didn’t make the funnel longer. It’s short – 4 stages. BUT – the video is long, maybe 5 minutes (kind of the Watership Down of Doodly videos).

So, if you are so inclined ‘Enjoy’ or maybe ‘Endure’ 🙂

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