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METRIC MIKEY’S TBT – Marketing – Roulette or Blackjack?

Dusting this (super) oldie off because I am about to have a new spin on it.... Recently I finished Jeffrey ...
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TBT – Why Every Side Should Want Log-Level Data…the post that started it all back in September, 2020

A (fairly) new ‘The Ad Platform: eMarketer Podcast’ tackled the question’Why the Buy Side Wants Log-Level Data.’ So, I ask ...
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The New Normal – Data Driven Attribution (DDA) in GA4

Yes. We all know. We all have seen the message that Google is changing the default attribution model from Last ...
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5 Predictions for 2022 in Songs of Years Past – Working on Prioritizing them – Here is the start…

This, as most things do, seemed like a very funny way to think about what we may expect in 2022 ...
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TBT – Just a Few Resolutions for 2021

Not to pat myself on the back. But I think a few of these were spot on. Maybe they manifested ...
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