5 Predictions for 2022 in Songs of Years Past – Here are the rest (and a bonus)!

Companies, well at least US companies, have gotten away with few, if any, consequences for violating new (and some not so new) privacy regulations. I imagine that will not be the case in 2022. I am predicting there will be repercussions, both financial and brand-wise for such penalties.

Or, as I say, ‘In a BigQuery.’ A little shout out to the GA4/BigQuery (free) integration that I am seeing so many companies embrace. This low (or no) cost integration is inspiring many old school SQL-ers to dip their toe into BigQuery lake (yup another data ‘joke’).

So, maybe not a great video pick – Connection like Connected (as in TV and OTT). It was all I could do not to use the Kurstin X Grohl version.

But, in my defense, a pretty broad topic. ‘Alternative’ media outlets: CTV (ConnectedTV)/OTT (Over the Top), Retail Media and podcasts (to my credit, I did mention these in my 2021 resolutions). But although these have been options for a while, their measurement capabilities are exploding (while traditional digital media is becoming less and less measurable) . The ways of buying are also evolving into a next-gen (teamed with this-gem and last-gen) model. Streamlined buying and accountability who would not embrace these options!

And to leave you with a little bonus. Not a prediction – but a wish for you for 2022.


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