So, the best intentions….yeah. Once again Monday got away from me (as did most of Tuesday). Sorry. But I did have a good Monday Morning-ism.

‘Just trust the algorithm!’ How perfect is that. It’s what we are being asked to do more and more everyday.

Some context – On Friday’s Behind the Numbers, ‘The Weekly Listen’ (as you know my favorite podcast), one of the topics was about finding something to watch on Netflix. One of the options that came up was Netflix’s new ‘Play Something’ where it recommends programs for you to watch.

There were mixed reviews. But an interesting comment was, ‘Just trust the algorithm’, in the context of, ‘I don’t want to when it is generally wrong.’

This just made me think about how often these day we are asked to ‘just trust the algorithm.’

Which leads into my thought about the Tuesday Tip (which will lead to Wednesday Wisdom and perhaps beyond that). So, the tip. You can’t really trust the algorithm unless you train the model. Hmmm..think on that.

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