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Data. So Much Data.

It's everywhere. But why?

Data is good because it can be used to help us understand, to educate us and to drive improvements.  It ‘translates’ concepts that may be difficult to grasp into factS.  Data can prove or disprove hypotheses or theories.

Bad data can be used to mislead or even lie to us.  Bad data and bad data uses can influence us and push an agenda.

It all boils down to this.  Is it factual or fabricated?  Is it used correctly or is it misused or abused?  There is more, of course.  But that’s a start.

Defensive Attribution – Let the Models Fight it Out

Why? Why does Google Analytics give us so many choices when it comes to attribution reporting? The answer should be ...
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The Epic Comeback of William Shatner, um, I mean the Funnel

Nope. That is not a dig at either William Shatner or one of my favorite analytic topics, the funnel. It's ...
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TBT – The Joy of Analytics

In keeping with my recent theme of bringing back posts from the end of last year/very beginning of this year, ...
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About Me... and My Little Dog, too

Well, maybe not so little

What can I say?  First, thanks for asking.  To be honest, the ‘girl’ in may not be entirely accurate.  And we know how important accuracy is.  I registered that domain in 2008, when I was 12 years closer to being a girl.  To clarify, I am female. Perhaps AnalyticOldLady.commay be more accurate.   But that doesn’t really have a great ring to it.  Rather than writing a traditional (boring) bio, I thought I’d just show a few of our tricks.. 

HEY! Metric Mikey Here.

A little about me…

I’m six (lucky for you she’ll have to update this page at least once a year).  I’m a Leo, like my mom.  I have two speeds hyper and sleep.  I like them equally (except when hyper involves food, then it wins, hands-down).

And speaking of food…I am a big fan of people food.  Anything she is eating I like, probably because she doesn’t cook anything that is not already prepared.  I do LOVE pizza and Doritos.  I also love specific dog treats.  And I don’t care for others.  And, yes, I may occasionally catch a treat (I am a GREAT catcher) and then spit it out on the floor if it is not one of the ones I like.  

The early years...

I had a tough childhood.  I won’t lie.  But I don’t dwell on it.  Honestly, just ask anyone who has ever met me.  Lucky for me I was found and taken to Columbus Humane where they taught me do jumps and flips..  And then, even luckier for me, I was adopted when I was 3.

The making of 'Metric' Mikey...

.So, I never intended on becoming Metric Mikey.  I was fine, very happy actually, just being regular ol’ Mikey the dog.  (Well, MICHAEL, when I am ‘bad.’). But then it started, the calls, the. conversations, the webinars….

I did all I could to tune it out.  But a dog can only sleep so much.  Believe me, I know.  So I started to listen and pick up a few things.  And some of it is pretty interesting.  Some, not so much:). But I’ve learned a lot.  So I use what I’ve learned for my posts.  Sometimes they’re (hoepfully) useful.  And sometimes they are just fun (for me at least).  (And you can click here for older posts).


"to consider or examine attentively or deliberately" (okay, they're my blog posts)


Come on, I meant it is the END of April. Snow! Really? I will get back to my real posts ...
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Not going to lie to you, I'm beat. So I just shared a picture of me embarking on my quest ...
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It's so easy to figure out who are your new customers in GA4. Side note, that's me by my brand ...
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"Relax your face!" So, obviously not related to analytics, but words I'd never heard before taking my first 'Yoga for ...
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Thought it may be time for another data scientist joke... There are 10 kinds of people in this world. Those ...
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Just a little stroll down memory lane...not just for the Blursday, but for the guys I never got to meet ...
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Or is it a phrase, or perhaps so much more. Yeah, it's a mouthful, but 'close variant queries' it is ...
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Just let them go. You know what I am talking about....those old, outdated, generally useless stats. Sure, you've been hanging ...
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"I've always believed analytics are crap!" Who knew Charles Barkley (and Shaq) hated analytics so much? Sure, it's old (and ...
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Ruminations to Remember

(or you could say, old blog posts)

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Anxious? Afraid of change? Afraid of the unknown- Don't worry. I've got you. 100% Private Professional Counseling Anytime, Anywhere. Just ...
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Sure, you could just steal it. Or I could write if for you, so It makes sense for your business ...
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Let's talk about you! And by CV, I mean 'Cool Venn (Diagram).' Or it could be a Word Cloud - ...
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Data Appraisal

If you liked ‘Antiques Roadshow', you’ll love ‘Analytics Roadshow.’ I kid. But it is good to know what your data ...
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Tell Me What You Want

So I don't know what I don't know.  So tell me. Just tell me a bit about you ...
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Okay, so not the OK Go, Saturday Banana or even the WKRP ones, but I do love making those Doodly ...
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